Things To Know Before You Commit To A Digital Nomad Lifestyle

If the regular work routine bores you and you have been trying to find the meaning of your life lately, think about a digital nomad lifestyle. You have the flexibility to put in efforts as much as you want, without being dried up in the process, be your own boss and travel as much as you can.

Work by the serenity of azure beaches or atop the steep mountains of Alps. Being digital nomad is a unique lifestyle that brings in true emancipation for the many weary millennial’s. However, as rosy as it may sound, like any other career option, digital nomad is a challenging career and may put you into uneasy steps unless you have thought of the downs of it.

Here is a sneak peek to the tips & suggestions you must invest time in before leaving 9 to 5 work life and be driven to the course of time to have a digital nomad lifestyle you always dreamt of. Because, by the end of it, we all have to pay our bills!

Digital Nomad Lifestyle


Tour finances needs to be pre planned. Your health issues need to be covered. Make sure your health and finances and gears (electronics) are insured with a reputed travel insurance company and you are good to face the uncertainties that road may bestow.

Flight tickets to digital nomad destinations like Bali or Costa Rica can be extremely expensive. Book flights tickets that are cheap and fly during the non- season. Carriers like Emirates Airlines and British Airways have some pretty good deals going on during the off peak season.

Be A Minimalist

Keep in mind you need to be moving around a lot. Chances are the place you lived, you need to get back there again for short stints. Try to let go the habit of impulsive buying. This way, you enable yourself to travel lighter and faster in public transport (thus saving a lot of money) and of course you reduce waste generation.

Perks of having a digital nomad lifestyle is that you automatically tend to be a more responsible citizen. Remember, it is always a good idea to reuse what you have and recycle as much as possible.

A Lot Like Home

You need to choose a place where you can be based for a longer period of time and work from. The most important factor to be kept in mind during the process are cost of accommodation, safety, security and internet liability.

Also, add to the list where you think co-working shall be easier to start and continued. There are azure beaches of the Mediterranean Sea or the dense jungles of Central America and mystic ancient cities of Southeast Asia awaiting to be explored.

Do What You Do The Best

Do you think you are an amazing writer? Do you think the code you wrote the last night can make a bot run for its life? You are convinced of the selling technique? Find the skill set that you are most passionate about and let you be you amid the chaos.

The necessary skills to pay the bills are very important to be identified for a sustained flow of income while on the road. And trust me, you will need money even when living the simplest of lifestyle.


I have known more number of people dropping from the particular lifestyle for they fail to cope up with the constant pressure. This is not the regular office work pressure, this is something more than that.

Your reputation is at stake which can bring in more work in near future and you need to be true to your deadlines. Along with that, it is very important to take care of your health and lead a healthy lifestyle. “Health is wealth” the age old proverb never seemed more true than ever.

True that more number of people are experimenting these days with alternate digital nomad lifestyle and many of them are successful at it. That said, it also needs extreme dedication and self-motivation to continue with the choice.

Start early with an online community and experiment for few days to understand where exactly your interest lies before taking a final call to quit the day job and live a digital nomad lifestyle. Be vigilant and work smart. Live the life everyone dreams of but seldom get to live.

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