What’s Oriental Mental?

Ni Hao(Mandarin)! Annyeonghaseyo(Korean)! Kon’nichiwa(Japanese)!

I am glad you took the time to stop buy. Thanks a bunch. Without further ado, let me quickly get to business. I am Sai, an Indian by nationality. I love travelling so much and I have been to all the continents barring Antarctica, within the past five years and am still counting. I am too obsessed with travelling.

I love to meet different kinds of people and different kinds of cultures. While a lot of people take being rich and having a lot of properties as achievements, they mean zero to me. Travelling is my own form of achievement. I will spend the rest of my life visiting places.

I must warn you that while traveling in Far East Asia, you will suffer a lot of culture shocks. But if you must travel regularly, being able to adapt is what all you need.

The most important quality you need as a traveler is adaptability as I said earlier. You need to be able to adapt to changes easily especially cultural & traditional as well as food. You also need to understand cultures that are different from yours.

The intention of this blog is to provide first hand info about my experiences in those oriental countries. I enjoyed every bit of my travel there even though I suffered a lot of culture shocks and weirdness in those places.

This blog will be very useful to those planning to travel to East Asia or for amigos who want to move there for a long time on education or employment purpose.

I don’t have any reason to exaggerate. I am a casual observer who is saying things exactly the way they are. This is why I think my blog can score over other resources.

Finally, what you will see about Oriental Asia on Oriental Mental are things I saw.


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