3 Affordable International Destination For Indians In 2018

Who said that exploring foreign lands will burn a hole in your pocket? Stop worrying about your budget and start packing your bags, my friends! Because there are still places scattered around the world that can be visited without any hassle. If you are an Indian, you will not even need a visa to travel to these distant lands. Here is the list of 3 best affordable international destinations for Indians that you can plan a travel itinerary to in 2018. These countries are perfect for families, friends, honeymooners as well as solo-travellers.

1. Kenya

Affordable International Destinations For Indians - kenya

With more than 40 national parks, this land of safaris is a great place for nature lovers. Feed the giraffes, explore densely wooded forests, take a balloon safari to catch the bird-eye view of these exquisite landscapes, sunbathe on beautiful sandy beaches, and witness the raw natural beauty. The entirely different cultural experience will be etched in your memory. Tickets for the round trip to Kenya will start from approximately INR 25,000 and the overall cost will go up to INR 50,000 per person. Plan your trip from August to October as it is the best time to visit Kenya.

2. Bhutan

Affordable International Destinations For Indians - bhutan

The country that shares her boundaries with India is still a mystery to most of us. Known for its Buddhist culture, meditation, and spiritual paths, Bhutan will take you to the small, rustic villages tucked away in mountains and foggy landscapes. There are ancient monasteries to visit, rich biodiversity to witness and winding roads to explore. If you are booking before a couple of months, a round trip will cost less than INR 10,000. February to April and October to December is an ideal time to visit Bhutan.

3. Thailand

Affordable International Destinations For Indians - thailand

This bustling city is already popular amongst Indians as a favourite destination. If you are one of the beach lovers, then the country will welcome you with open arms. You can go for water rafting, scuba diving, and snorkelling here. But, it is commonly known for its notorious nightlife. As it is home to energetic clubs, refreshing bars, and elegant lounges, bar-hopper will love this country. Book a flight in well in advance and a round trip will cost around INR 18,000. But, the overall cost can go up to INR 70,000 while visiting Thailand. Though this is a year-round destination, it is advisable to visit Thailand from November to February as the weather is quite unpredictable during other months.

Now with this list of affordable international destinations for Indians, you know where to go for your next vacation with your family or solo.

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