Discovering The Magic Of Osaka City

Osaka is not only one of the most beautiful cities in Japan, it is also one of the most beautiful cities in the world. It has so many natural & man made tourist attraction centers.

There also are so many hotels to accommodate visitors and tourists. There are so many restaurants that offer a wide variety of dishes, so no matter where you come from, you will find your favorite dish in Osaka.

However, what really distinguishes Osaka is constant upgrade. New structures are being erected every day in Osaka.

Some of the must go places in and around Osaka have been outlined below.

Osaka Aquarium is said to be one of the biggest aquarium in the world. Visiting this center is usually accompanied with a highly thrilling bay cruise. Nothing can be more interesting than having close views of jellyfish, rays, sharks, harbor seals, sea otters and several other beautiful aquatic animals.

In addition, you will also enjoy a 50 minute cruise around the world famous Osaka Bay. The whole trip should last about two hours. It is a very interesting experience.

Walking tour with Osaka river cruise will take about six and half hours. You will get to enjoy a lot of scenes left and right while you walk along. The English speaking guide will explain different landmarks to you and also answer all your questions. This tour also includes a 1-hour river cruise around Nakanoshima.

Another structure worthy of mention is the floating garden observatory. You will pass beside it and the guide will tell you of its significance. You can take any of the popular Japanese dishes for lunch as Japanese cuisine will be available.

On Kyoto tour of Golden Pavilion you will see a lot of mind blowing sights. You won’t go alone. You will be accompanied by a knowledgeable English speaking guide. The guide will take you through other significant centers like the Kiyomizu Temple and Nijo Castle. While on this tour, you will definitely visit the Sanjusangendo Hall that is known for housing over 1,000 Bodhisattva statues.

That is not all, you also need to touch the well maintained garden surrounding the Heian shrine. Two other tourist centers along this tour are the Kyoto Imperial Palace and the Golden Pavilion that the tour is named after. This tour also includes a traditional Japanese lunch for guests that are interested.

In conclusion, the three sets of activities outlined above are just a few of what you can do in Osaka. There are so many wonderful places to visit as Osaka offers numerous tourist spots. The ones mentioned above are my preferred choices.


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